40 Inspirational Quotes From Entrepreneurs That Everyone Should Read

The entrepreneurial journey can be one filled with thorns and thistles. It takes guts, perseverance and dogged skills to survive against all odds. You have to be tenacious and solid to stay on track. But it is worth it. Think Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Elon Musk and Steve Jobs and entrepreneurship comes to mind. To[…]

8 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Successful people often exude confidence—it’s obvious that they believe in themselves and what they’re doing. It isn’t their success that makes them confident, however. The confidence was there first. Think about it: Doubt breeds doubt. Why would anyone believe in you, your ideas, or your abilities if you didn’t believe in them yourself? It takes[…]

10 tips for working smarter, not harder : Office Hacks

Getting ahead in your career doesn’t always mean sucking up to the boss or putting in 60 hours a week. Some simple mental tricks can improve your efficiency and the quality of your work while reducing job stress – without keeping you in the office all night. At Best Masters Degrees we decided to bring[…]

Call for Applications “A New NATO for New Challenges? ” in Berlin, Germany [Fully Funded]

On November 14, the German Atlantic Association, the Federal Academy for Security Policy, and the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Berlin co-host an international conference in Berlin addressing the outcomes of the NATO Summit in Warsaw 2016 against the background of rapid changes in the alliance’s security environment. Supported by the Press and Information[…]

Be a voice for the Global South and win a fully funded fellowship for a speakers tour in Germany

Deadline: September 11, 2016 Location: Germany. Fully Funded !! Overview: Climate change is here and is already impacting a lot of countries. We need to send out a message for developed countries to take urgent climate action. Together with Oxfam, we will be giving out 2 fully funded fellowships for a speakers tour in Germany[…]

Become a Negotiator Tracker in COP22 and Win a Fully Funded Trip

Deadline: October 7, 2016 Location: Marrakech Fully Funded !! Overview: Climate Tracker is launching its new and exciting COP22 campaign. Join now for your chance to win a Fully Funded trip to COP22 to become a Negotiator Tracker. To join the campaign, you only have to sign in to http://app.climatetracker.org/and join the specific competitions. An[…]