Youth Ambassador (YA):

The YA is an advocate for young people in the local, national and regional level. The YA must be a committed advocate and ‘ambassador’ for the Alliance in the local/national/ regional level and must be willing to support member youth organizations/initiatives/councils/bodies. The Ambassadors will coordinate and promote the work of the alliance at the local/national/regional level.

Requirements: The YA should have minimum one year work experience as a local/national/regional or international youth leader with a proven track record. The ambassador should have a good knowledge and understanding of the youth development issues, policy, development organizations in their regions and good organizational skills. The YA should be able to demonstrate that they are competent in five or more of the following areas:

  • Working with others: Develops productive relationships with others, respecting cultural diversity
  • Communication: Expresses information clearly and effectively; listens actively; correctly interprets messages and responds appropriately ensuring communication is tailored for the audience and reaches the appropriate stakeholders
  • Leadership & Development: Provides and communicates a clear vision, purpose and direction; serves as a role model; proactively develops strategies to achieve objectives. Empowers others to translate vision into results. Is decisive, shows courage to take unpopular stances and drives for change and improvement. Supports own and others’ development.
  • Developing & Applying Professional Expertise: Seeks to proactively develop own expertise, effectively applying knowledge to a range of issues
  • Managing Resources: Effectively identifies, deploys and directs resources, such as people or budget inter alia, in order to meet objectives/results
  • Accountability: Takes ownership of all responsibilities and respects commitment, delivers output for which one has responsibility within prescribed time, cost and quality standards
  • Respect for Diversity: Building respect, tolerance and understanding of diversity amongst all staff in dealing with clients, external parties and other stakeholders
  • Decision Making: Objectively assesses available information, making effective decisions in relation to a variety of issues and taking ownership for them
  • Adapting & Innovating: Creates and develops pioneering process, strategy and/or solutions, adapting to changing circumstances and demonstrates flexibility where appropriate

Roles and responsibilities:

  • To be the advocate for young people in the local/national/regional level
  • To promote the YAI through formal and informal networks
  • Support the work of the YAI in achieving its objectives outlined above
  • To ensure proper information for the members in the region
  • To ensure that all the members organizations in the region are involved in the work of the YAI
  • To prepare fortnightly reports and updates to the Executive
  • To represent the alliance to the national youth organizations, governments, regional bodies, etc.
  • Promotes intra- regional networks with other and Non-Governmental Organizations
  • To work with local and national youth bodies to expand YAI programs in the countries from grassroots level to urban areas
  • To build a closer relationship with governments, donors, civil society organizations and other stakeholders
  • To support advocacy, lobbying and mainstreaming for youth development work
  • To represent the YAI at national/regional events
  • Collate information from members and prepare/update a data base of membership organization in the respected country/region

Benefits of becoming YA:

  • Certificate after successfully completing responsible work period
  • Networking with local, national, regional and international prominent young leaders
  • Learn how to develop project, and conduct research
  • Work with the team for project execution

Duration: One year

Time commitment: The ambassador should allow a minimum of 10 hours per week in order to successfully execute his/her duties.

General Membership:

We advocate the increased youth participation in social development. Change begins with us. On the basis of our vision, we work on three different types of activities: Engaging more people into sustainable development, enhancing their work by giving them proper guidance and empowering them by recognizing their work. By strengthening the capacities of youth network, we aim to empower them to be even more effective in the work they do locally and thereby also strengthen the global voice of young people working for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Become a member! We invite energetic and enthusiastic youth like you to join and explore the Youth Alliance International!

Organizational Membership:

YAI’s purpose is to leverage the collective power of young people to change the world and bring sustainable development in the community. We provide a clearinghouse of information, resources and opportunities for making a difference. Through our partnership with YAI, we offer our members a vibrant on-line community with web-based project management tools and the opportunity for greater visibility. We have a leadership board which guide, assist the youth-led initiatives to enhance their work.

The Network represents a growing alliance of youth-led and youth-serving organizations globally, working together to improve our world. Membership is open on different levels to any organization that supports young people and which does not advocate hatred or violence in any form. Stay tuned for more updates.

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